Hassle Free Gift Wrapping Service


If you are looking for the perfect gift that comes with the added bonus of complimentary gift wrapping then you have found the right place. At Pretty Little Something we love wrapping your gifts! That’s why we offer our beautiful gift wrapping service. Let us take the hassle out of gifting, no more long hours on your feet searching for the perfect gift. We take the worry out of choosing the right wrapping paper, and worrying about wrapping presents for you. Just like personal shoppers whom, love shopping, we love all things gift wrap! Ribbons, gift tags and wrapping paper – these are the pretty little things that make us happy.


So if you are looking for the gift that says a lot more than Happy Birthday, let us create the whole package from start to finish. A special occasion is about the excitement of the day, the celebration of the anniversary and the season to be jolly. After all the beauty of gift wrapping is why Pretty Little Something was born, in this day and age all the love has been removed from online shopping. Click, Send, Ship the care and attention has been replaced by an automated service. For this reason Pretty Little something wanted to bring back all the warm and friendly service that has disappeared.



Sending the love across Australia


Along with our beautiful wrapping paper, we along have a pretty range of free gift cards for you to choose from. Simply select your free gift cards in the checkout process and we will thoughtfully hand write your gift card message along with your perfectly hand wrapped gift. Offering free gift cards with all our purchases is just one more way Pretty Little Something helps you send the complete gift. Many times you shop with big retailers, and somewhere along the line the process falls down. They forget to wrap your gift, they forget to include your gift card or they ship to the wrong address. By using a warm and friendly small business you are ensured your online gift purchase is delivered with our full attention to detail. All gift orders are double checked and handled by one customer service team member from start to finish. This guarantees your gift wrapping, free gift card and product ordering process is streamlined and reduces the chance of human error.



Send a Gift With Personality

When you’re standing in front of the gift card stand trying to choose the right wrapping paper and gift card for your loved ones, you are undoubtedly trying to match the gift wrapping with their personality. We love giving you the freedom to tailor design your online gift this way too. Choose Mum’s favourite colour, or your best friend likes flowers. By giving our customers the choice of 5 great gift wrapping options you can tailor the design of your gift. Our expert team members are great at wrapping presents and they will match you chosen colour combination with hundreds of ribbons and bows we have available.



A Gift Wrapping Service with a Nice Surprise!


The icing on the cake is how we finish the gift. With each gift, we will also create a hand made name tag to compliment your present. What better way to show just how much personal care has gone into your online gift purchase than by sending it with a pretty name tag your receiver can keep and cherish. You can imagine their surprise when a Pretty Little Something parcel arrives to their doorstep, only to find a custom gift name tag has been personalised for them. Wrapping presents and free gift cards are all part of the great service you will experience with Pretty Little Something. Let us create a memorable gifting experience for you today!